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idetect: the molecular biology tool for the detection of pathogens affecting plants

An easy-to-use laboratory tool integrating 10 years expertise in phytopathology.



Why choose the idetect kit?

Our ready-to-use kits offer you the opportunity to easily integrate methods developed following ten years of expertise fine-tuning analyses for the detection of plant diseases, such as powdery mildew of grapevines, downy mildew of grapevines and potatoes (blight), as well as diseases affecting cereals such as barley leaf stripe, septoria of wheat and viruses including barley and cereal yellow dwarf viruses (BYDV and CYDV).

idetectTM is renowned for facilitating the detection of disease-causing pathogens, in some cases before the appearance of symptoms as allowed with the early detection of powdery mildew in grapevines with idetectTM Erysiphe necator. In other cases, it enables the rapid diagnosis for samples presenting symptoms but which require confirmation before a quick decision can be made. 

The methodology implicating multiplex qPCR provides robust results for the detection of the target pathogen. The possibility to perform dilutions also enables the quantification of the pathogen in your sample in certain conditions. You thus obtain a rapid and reliable response that helps guide towards the correct decision, for example, choice of treatment.

An innovative tool for the rapid detection of the pathogen on your plant.

idetectTM enables the rapid detection (and in some cases the quantification) of the target in less than 2 hours on extracted DNA matrices. Place your order and receive a ready-to-use kit (different formats available) containing all the reagents you need to perform your analyses. All you need to provide is water (qPCR grade) in order to make up your reaction mixtures.

The volumes and quantities of reagents, primer mixes and master mix have been rigorously studied to facilitate the distribution of each element in your final mix. Included are instructions for use detailing the preparation steps for your analyses as well as a quick technical guidelines sheet allowing you to make a quick and easy start using the idetectTM kits.

idetectTM are a range of molecular biology kits relying on the latest technologies (qPCR, RT-qPCR, LAMP). If you are equipped with apparatus allowing it, technology using probes and fluorophores selected by us are all compatible and enable the detection of several targets in one analysis of your samples, thus permitting cost and time savings.

The molecular biology range of kits

Our range of molecular biology kits was developed to meet the needs of our clients in the field of phytopathology. This range is regularly enriched in line with specific requests.

Multiplex Real-Time PCR kit for Erysiphe necator detection

First in the idetectTM range, this molecular biology detection kit enables the monitoring of early contaminations of grapevines by powdery mildew.

Multiplex RT-qPCR kit for BYDV-PAV and RPV detection

Viral pathogens affecting cereals.

Kit for the detection of two types of virus responsible for barley yellow dwarf (BYD).

Latest developments

New targets/ methods under consideration:

  • Plasmopara viticola (grapevine downy mildew)
  • Detecting and studying resistances within populations
  • Multiplexing allowing the study of several targets (pathogens or mutations) in one unique reaction

Customer service hand in hand with product offering

Our idetectTM product range is the fruit of a decade of research, development and innovation in line with our clients’ needs. We propose our ready-to-use kit for the detection of your pathogens.

Whether you are just starting out and need help with the technology or simply need a hand familiarizing yourself with the new kit, our team are on hand to guide you, train you or simply answer your questions.

idetect : Multiplex Real-Time PCR kit for Erysiphe necator detection

“All in the box” : You place your order and we send you an all-in-one kit containing all the reagents (mastermix, oligonucleotides and positive control) necessary to perform a fast and simple real-time PCR (qPCR) reaction for Erysiphe necator detection in your sample.

Our kit, compatible with most qPCR instruments, offers a limit of detection of up to 10 copies of the gene with results in less than 2 hours on extracts from all types of matrix

idetectTM is designed for research purposes only and is not for use in human diagnostics.

  • Instructions for use
  • Certificate of analysis

Specificity, sensitivity and speed

  • With ten years of experience in the detection of plant-based pathogens, two years of development,
  • Trials performed on a large panel of contaminants, idetectTM: RT-PCR Erysiphe necator detection kit, offers you a high level of specificity.
  • High levels of sensitivity with a detection limit of 10 gene copies, while being less sensitive to PCR inhibitors due to the use of TaqManTM technology (probes).
  • Acquisition of results in under 2 hours from cycle initiation.

idetectTM allows the very early detection of a pathogen even before the appearance of the first symptoms, allowing fast decision-making.

Using the positive control provided in the kit, it is also possible to quantify the pathogen present within your samples.

What is in the box ?

  • X1 tube of Master Mix (100 or 500 reactions)
  • X1 tube containing the positive control for Erysiphe necator (PCEN) (qPCR test validation and performing a standard range of dilutions)
  • X1 tube containing the Primers-DP mix (set of oligonucleotides allowing the detection of the pathogen Erysiphe necator)
  • X1 tube containing the Primers-IC mix (set of oligonucleotides allowing the validation of extraction by internal control amplification)

Not included: ultra-pure water (molecular biology grade)

Kit idetect

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