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R&D, innovation and support form the foundation of our protocols for the microbiological analysis of your products and their environment.

Conidia Coniphy, the specialist in the microbiological testing of your environments

Conidia Coniphy is your expert partner in microbiological assessment and control of contamination by mold, yeast, bacteria and algae.

We are a laboratory consulting company offering high quality and bespoke solutions in line with regulatory and environmental requirements. Our dedicated scientific teams develop specific approaches that match needs of each client in numerous fields of application. Sampling, analysis, identification and advisory services form our core business. Our service culture and thirst for innovation positively influence our reasoning and projects designed to take on your current challenges and anticipate future needs.

Our solutions in microbiology

To address the challenges facing our clients, our laboratory has developed or adapted specific norms and protocols for pathogens affecting plants, water, air and materials.  The sum of these methods collectively covers a large panel of service requests concerning the microbiology of environments. Our R&D service offering completes this service range by proposing a protocol specific to your needs.





Innovation and R&D

Our passion for microbiology and appetite for challenge drive us towards finding innovative solutions with and for our clients.

The particularity of our work on mold regularly leads to us combining different tools involving microbiology, image analysis and molecular biology. Our R&D service offering permits such an innovative combined approach.

For fungal identifications, our laboratory was equipped with VITEK® 2 and entrusted a service provider with very expensive PCR analyzes. The results reached us within two weeks. The use of IDFP agars coupled with the Maldi-Tof analysis provides us with numerous gains: growth in 24 hours after deposit, cost saving, better knowledge of the flora likely to contaminate our production environments. Thanks to this quick and easy-to-use technology, fungal identifications are now carried out systematically. We recommend the ID fungi plates ™ and the supplier Conidia Coniphy with whom we have a very good relationship and who had the brilliant idea of the unique membrane!


Mrs Ardyna, Bacteriology Quality Control Technician – Boehringer

Our mycological analyzes concern various types of samples: respiratory (aspirations, BAL), biopsies, skin and integuments for example. They come from immune-compromised patients (testing for infection with Aspergillus and other filamentous fungi), as well as classical patients (diagnosis of dermatophytosis). We use IDFP / Maldi-Tof agars for the identification of filamentous fungi in case of positive results on culture. The subculture is simplified by the unique membrane which also makes it possible to limit the risk of contamination (inter-samples and manipulators). The technical time saving is enormous: the quality of the deposits for identification by mass spectrometry is improved and better standardized. Identification by reference methods (macroscopy and microscopy) and performing “scotch” tests are also facilitated. We appreciate this innovation and the partnership put in place with Conidia Coniphy’s team.

Dr Marie Lavollay, Biologist in medical biology laboratory – Institut Montsouris

In 2016, the Conidia Coniphy laboratory joined our technical working group on the standardization of sanitary sealants to provide fungal expertise. The tests carried out revealed a difference in strains between seals and plastics, “invalidating” the standard in force for fungistatic effect tests. To demonstrate this, inter-laboratory test campaigns had to be carried out. Conidia Coniphy, through its pragmatism, has developed an (adequate) method within a respectable time frame and defined the parameters to be measured. We appreciate S. Vacher’s skills, his optimism and his popular science skills. He thus became the leader of the French delegation for the ISO committees.

Thierry Parmentier – SFJF (French Union of Seals and Facades)

Lafarge-Holcim is involved in the national REXCOR project with the objective of restoring the flora and fauna of the creeks of Cassis with artificial rip-rap. We had to work on the formulation of a concrete and its surface aspects to allow the recolonization of algae. Conidia Coniphy has fully designed an accelerated discrimination test of our R&D products allowing us to select the best solution. Conidia Coniphy is the ideal partner combining skills, an appetite for innovation, collaborative work and a relationship of trust. Finally, through the unique quality of its work and its advice, Conidia Coniphy has been participating for more than ten years in the development of new solutions and in the creation of value within our R&D laboratory.


Isabelle Dubois Brugger, R&D manager within the Research center – Lafarge-Holcim

In an Ecophyto context, the challenge of which was and remains to reduce the quantity of fungicides  on vine plants, we lacked the tools to predict the risks of a fungal disease: powdery mildew. Conidia Coniphy was able to meet a major challenge: the development of a method for early identification of contamination by qPCR technique. This must be reliable, sensitive (analysis on a few leaves) and fast (result in 48 hours). The commitments were kept and in 2019, we marketed our first diagnostic kits. The analyzes are also entrusted to Conidia Coniphy as an independent laboratory whose know-how is recognized. Conidia Coniphy is a long-standing partner which allows Bayer to position itself as a responsible and credible player.


Jean-Luc DEDIEU, Vineyard market manager – Bayer

Since 2009, Conidia Coniphy brought us their experience and expertise on fungicides with regard to regulations and meet our internal needs for knowledge on plant diseases. Using leaf samples taken in the field, Conidia Coniphy checks the effectiveness of our products and warns of a risk of development of pathogen resistance. The speed at which results are rendered and the respect of deadlines are appreciated because this makes it possible to adapt usage recommendations. Thanks to Conidia Coniphy, we are also eliminating technological barriers through the development of new methods. We work on complex subjects, on living materials! The quality of the exchanges between our teams helps to simplify our work and our decision-making. Finally, we are unanimous: the partnership established with Conidia Coniphy is unique due to the relationship of trust established.


Marie-Hélène Moronval, Technical Development Manager, Plant Protection BU – BASF

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