DNA, our subject and reason
for innovation


Over the last 20 years, Conidia Coniphy has worked alongside its clients helping them improve their products and processes in order to reduce microbiological risk.

Conidia Coniphy, a university spin-off

In 2002, Sébastien Vacher and Catalina Hernandez, researchers in microbiology, had the opportunity to share their unique know-how and scientific expertise on mold with industrial partners.

They realized that faced with regulatory and environmental developments, industry needed a better understanding of the relationship between microorganisms and their produce. This shift required rigorous and innovative R&D protocols with specific knowledge using the latest laboratory equipment permitting state-of-the-art microbiological analyses.

After 2 years incubation within the university, Conidia Coniphy, specialist in the analysis of molds affecting businesses, was created in 2005. It received support from Créalys, incubator for innovative businesses and Novacité, the European center of business and innovation.

A team of scientists

To meet the needs of our clients, our team is composed of technicians, engineers and doctors, all expert scientists in their field.

The R&D pole focuses more specifically on molecular biology-based skills to constantly develop and update the latest innovative tools.

Each member of the team is specialized in one or more of the following fields:


Business development

In 20 years, Conidia Coniphy has developed its scientific teams, its equipment and the fields of application requiring its expertise (materials, air, phytopathology, algae).

The company’s success is the fruit of partnerships with major players in industry (Saint-Gobain, Lafarge, bioMérieux, BASF, Bayer …) for whom Conidia Coniphy was able to provide innovative specific protocols to solve each problem.

Let's work together !

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